MARINet Board Minutes

TO: MARINet Board and staff

FROM: Cathy Blumberg

DATE: 1/10/00

RE: 12/16/99 Meeting at Mill Valley Public Library Ė Meeting Room (Approved)

ATTENDING: Board Members: Debbie Mazzolini, Board President (Belvedere-Tiburon), Sara Loyster, Board Secretary (San Anselmo), Mary Richardson (Sausalito), Carol Starr (Marin County), Vaughn Stratford (San Rafael), Cathy Blumberg (Mill Valley). Staff: Val Morehouse (MARINet). Guests present: Joan Nilsen, College of Marin.

  1. Executive Session: The evaluation for Val Morehouseís second year of employment was reviewed with her.
  2. Meeting was called to order by President Debbie Mazzolini at 10:50.

  3. Introduction of guests: Joan Nilson from Dominican College attended the meeting representing MALC.

  4. Minutes: The minutes were approved as submitted.

  5. Monthly Statistics handout: The monthly statistics were distributed to the Board members, attached to the minutes from November.

    Upcoming meeting dates:

    • January 27, 2000 at 9:15 at Civic Center, Room 410 B
    • February 24, 2000 at 9:15 at Civic Center, Room 410 B
    Letters to the committees in response to the submission of goals for 1999-2000.
         Letters to the Circ Standards Committee and the TUG Committee in response to the submission of their goals were presented to the Board. Letters to the Bib Standards Committee and the Public Services Committee will be sent via email to Val during the coming month. The Board affirmed that the Links Committee is a subcommittee of the Public Services Committee. In her letter to the Public Services Committee Sara Loyster will state that links that are not time-critical should be presented to the Public Services Committee for feedback and consensus prior to posting on the website.

    There were no additions to the agenda.

  6. Old Business
    1. Personnel
      1. Valís project update: the Board members liked the new narrative form of the project update.
      2. Personnel Adds/Changes: Please email any staff changes or moves within your library to Val.
      3. Training: the last session of TUG basics was presented.
      4. Other meetings: Val met with Phil Youngholm and Jennifer Dyment to discuss training for Release 2000 and a follow-up to TUG basics.
    2. Monthly Budget Report:
      1. The budget software is now working. On the printout ĎRí represents resolved, or that the check has been sent and ĎCí means committed, or that the funds are allocated but not disbursed. Val will develop a narrative cover summary sheet to the monthly budget report for the next meeting.
      2. Auditorís questions: Val has been responding to the Auditorís requests for comparison figures for the 2-year audit. The auditor also questioned whether meetings were held in July and August of 1997 and May 1998 (there were no meetings in these months) and requested minutes of the retreats of 1998 and 1999. Val will respond to the auditor with agendas and goals of the two retreats.
      3. The IST contract for Phil Youngholm is now in effect. A contract summary was distributed to the Board. City Libraries should pay the amounts listed in the summary for services until March 1, 2000.
      4. Blue Ribbon Task Force. Carol Starr reported that the Board of Supervisors has approved the formation of a Blue Ribbon task force to study ways to meet the financial needs of the County Library. Members of the task force will include a Mayor (of Corte Madera or Novato); a member of the Board of Supervisors; a Library Commissioner; a member of the School Board; President of the League of Women Voters; a CEO; and a President of a College in Marin County.
    3. Policies
      1. Vaughn Stratford presented a draft policy combining the MARINet policy on Confidentiality and the MARINet policy on Security. At the next meeting he will present a revised form which will include referencing the appropriate government codes and adding a signature line.
      2. Passwords: the Board suggested that Phil Youngholm revise his handout on what makes a good password and this can be incorporated into the computer manual.
      3. Video policy: this will be carried over until the next meeting.
    4. Library of California

    5. The history of the Region 8 planning group was reviewed and the fax sent out by the NBC Administrator urging reconsideration of the decision to suspend planning for Region 8 and to move to plan with Region 2. The Board voted to re-confirm the decision to plan with Region 2 for the Library of California. It was moved and seconded that The Board supports the Region 8 core planning decision to disband Region 8. We understand the core services of delivery, Juvenile Review Pack and Supersearch will continue to be supplied by NBC until the Library of California provides equivalent services. All voted in favor none opposed.
    6. Holiday list, 2000. It was noted that Christmas Eve 2000 is on a Sunday and December 25th will be on Monday. Please respond to Val with any changes to the distributed schedule.
    7. System update
      1. Release 2000 load date. By the second week in January Val will send a list of enhancements for release 2000, highlighting those that will impact library staff. The Board will then decide if there will need to be a special Circ committee meeting to discuss these enhancements to the system. All other committees have meetings scheduled for January where the enhancements can be reviewed.
      2. Val presented handouts - one defining why Innovative is moving to the Millennium system and a second a review of Web Access Management. Because the meeting was running over time, the Board asked to postpone further discussion on these topics.
      3. EM320W. The counts for additional licenses have been received.
      4. Books in Print Web Update. There is a problem with the patron validation screen.
      5. EBSCOhost holdings. Member libraries are asked to send a paper copy of the libraryís invoice of periodical titles received from Ebsco. Val would like to see if MARINet staff could load the holdings directly into the system so that these holdings can be displayed in EBSCOhost. Individual libraries would have to update and correct the holdings as well as load periodical titles not received through Ebsco.
  7. New Business
    1. Internet Software Monitor. All member libraries are interested in discovering and implementing software which will monitor/limit the patronís use of the Internet, timing them out after a set time period. Santa Rosa Library is using a Dynix product that has proved to be successful. SIG is currently researching this need.

Summary of items to be completed prior to the next meeting:

Adjournment: the meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.

Next Board Meeting: January 27, 2000, 9:15 AM, Civic Center Room 410 B

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