MARINet Board Minutes

To: MARINet Board and Interested Parties

From: MARINet Staff

CC: Val Morehouse; Glade Van Loan

Date: 02/16/99

Re: 01/14/1999 Meeting at Mill Valley Public Library, 9: A.M. (Approved)


Board Members--- Mary Richardson, Board President (Sausalito Public Library); Debbie Mazzolini, MARINet Board Secretary (Belvedere-Tiburon Public Library); Anne Montgomery (Mill Valley Public Library); Vaughn Stratford (San Rafael Public Library);Carol Starr (Marin County Free Library); Sara Loyster (San Anselmo Public Library). Staff---Val Morehouse (MARINet Systems Administrator). Guests: the Members of the MARINet Bibliographic Standards Committee.

The December Minutes were approved as amended. Approved Minutes of previous meetings can be found online at Copies of the latest MARINet Automation Update was included in Board attachments. There were numerous guests to be introduced, as members of the MARINet Bibliographic Standards Committee were present for a presentation by a sub-committee of their group. Debbie Mazzolini added a discussion of the Phillips Morrison Institute Library to the Agenda.

 Bibliographic Standards Committee Presentation:

The Board rearranged the Agenda to bring the Bib Standards Presentation to the top. Elaine Crepeau from Belvedere-Tiburon and Libby Flynn from the Marin County Library presented a sheet showing how volumes information should be handled in call numbers in the bibliographic record. The Committee had worked on this for several months in order to arrive at a standard way for consortia catalogers to enter volume and date information. The volumes presentation was followed by a short discussion on a substitute for the current method of authority control. Cost is estimated at about $5000 per year. Val Morehouse and Libby Flynn will need to pursue as part of the budget development process.


Val reminded Board Members that Beverlee Burke Christmas review file of bibs without attached items is due to expire on Jan. 18th. Bibs still in process must be removed from the file or be deleted as part of database cleanup. Val passed out Innovative party invitations to Board Members who will attend the ALA Mid-Winter meeting. She also pointed out that an update on the Livermore Internet Filtering Lawsuit (in handouts). Next she passed out the latest iteration of the Holidays Screen. Board Members checked the screen for accuracy. Changes will be entered into the Innopac, and when screen changes settle down, Val will contract for a Spanish translation. Board Members discussed the new Larkspur Librarian Francis Gordon. Apparently she will be coming to work after January 31st. They requested that Val Morehouse contact her about having lunch with the Board after the next meeting so everyone can get to know her.

Adding Library Collections to the MARINet Catalog

The Board decided to hear the Agenda addition next. Debbie Mazzolini explained that a small private library in Tiburon, the Phillips Morrison Institute has a historic reference collection which she would like to add to the database under the Belvedere-Tiburon label but as a collection. She would do this work for the Institute if the Institute would agree eventually to house the collection at her library. The collection has non-circulating California history materials (circa 4000 vols.) that are not readily accessible to scholars for research because there is no electronic access. The Institute allows the Public to use the library. The consensus of the Board is that she should explore this idea, but that she should get an agreement in writing from the Institute because of the amount of work involved in such a project. Sara Loyster remarked that there are other historical projects being organized that may also have a MARINet application. Board Members traded the names of c ontact persons who would know of developing projects.

SuperSearch Formula Discussion

 Board Members returned enthusiastically to discussion of the SuperSearch formula. published). Vaughn Stratford reported on developments since the last Board meeting. The NBC Steering Committee has agreed to discuss the formula again. MARINet will request that the delivery costs be removed from the Supersearch formula because delivery skews the costs so much. Members wondered whether or not SNAP and MARINet were subsidizing the extra two days of delivery for other SuperSearch member, and whether rural and urban delivery should be separate costs. Various scenarios for improving the formula were aired.

 WEBPAC and Intranet (MARINet Home Page) Progress

As part of year-end system cleanup, Val reported that she had been revising some WEBPAC screens as time allowed. New colors, files and features have been added. A backdoor link to the new MARINet Home page has been added to WEBPAC's Help screens. The PIN numbers help screen, the Dial Access and Telnet screen, the WEBPAC Opening Menu, and the 1999 Holidays screen have been revised. Partnering that, the text-based "library Information screens are being slowly updated. Patron "help" screens have been moved to the top of the list and will undergo revision as Val has time, and the holidays screen is under revision.

 The Public Intranet (MARINet Home Page) is shaping up for an "opening day", probably the day the Marin County Library Commission meets in February. Donna Evans from Novato is sharing her business resources file, and Nora Harris from Civic Center is sharing her government resources file. Val Morehouse from MARINet is working on a how to Cite the Sites resource file. All three will have live Internet links to the sites they discuss, and will be examples of web-based reference support which the Home Page can host. Val is working on a way to capture Corte Madera's Best Sellers screen from the text-based catalog and put it up on the web site. Target for the "birthday is February 10th.

Budget Report, Z39.50 Database Access Support Received, Draft Cost Sharing Formula

 The monthly MARINet Budget Report by Category was included in Board attachments. There were no large bills needing the Board's attention. Val reported that the revenue check for the Z39.50 subsidy had come through for $3,000, and she queried the Board about how to divide and/or use it. It was the consensus of the Board that it be kept in reserve for now.

Val then provided a draft of the cost sharing formula. She pointed out to the Board that the figures had been bothering her, but the cause had not been apparent until she recalled that San Anselmo had been on manual circulation for part of the previous year. Therefore, these figures should be advisory only as they are based on machine circulation without the manual circulation included. Sara Loyster said she would look up the manual circulation and send it so that the percentages for circulation and the master cost sharing percentage can be revised. Carol Starr mentioned that she would like Val to research the Innovative product that allows bibliographies to be produced from the database. Val will follow-up with information for the Board to use in the budget building process.

Audit Update and Correspondence

The Auditor's Office had been scheduled to present the final report at this meeting but had been unable to meet the deadline. Val shared correspondence addressed to her and to the Board. The Board correspondence (prepared in December 98) had a June 98 date, and referred to designation of fiscal agent. This designation had been done by the Board several months prior to the letter date. Val will take the signed resolution and letter to the meeting scheduled with the Auditor and Audit Supervisor. The remaining letter (to MARINet's Systems Administrator) was a finding about segregation of duties and inventory custodianship. Andrew Yon from Marin County Library will review the numbers on the draft audit report and Val Morehouse will review the draft narrative and check facts. A critique of the draft will be discussed with the Auditors.

 Weekend Beeper Number Change and WEEKEND CALLING TREE DRAFT (Revised)

Copies of the revised draft for the weekend emergency calling tree were handed out. The Directional arrows for the call flow have been added at the Board's request. Val asked Board members to review the draft for errors. None were found; therefore the draft will be distributed. Val then presented the Board with copies of the revised "Incident Invokes Weekend Technical Support Agreement", which contains a new weekend beeper number. IST is switching weekend staff so the revised sheet must be copied and replaced in the Computer Help Manual and any other place libraries have it posted for staff. This must be done immediately, as the start deadline is Jan. 16th or this weekend.

CPU Update

The four new network licenses have been ordered for the Internet pool and an implementation specialist assigned. Allocation will occur as soon as Innovative notifies MARINet that the addition is complete.

 Online Databases Revisited

Due to a time crunch, there is nothing new to report on this topic.

 Goals Adopted

The Board's redraft of the Administrator's Goals and Objectives was discussed, and the final form follows:


 Goal 1: Improve functionality of the system (1,8,10)

      1. Make system-wide transition from dedicated network to Internet network (get rid of Micoms, convert to all PCs) by July 1999
      2. Load and fully implement Release 12
      1. Work with the Board and Bibliographic Committee to develop consistent standards, procedures, and policies to assure the accuracy, legitimacy, cleanliness etc. of the database
      2. Fully implement authority control

 Goal 2: Improve MARINet committee structure and communications (7)

      1. Develop a policy and procedure which provides for a clear line of communication between the committees and the Board

 Goal 3: Improve MARINet responsiveness to member libraries (2,3,5)

      1. Hire LAI to help with clerical duties
      2. Contract out for specific projects


Goal 4: Continue to make MARINet more visible in the community (9)

 Goal 5: Improve skills and knowledge of central site staff and local library staff through an effective training program (4)

 ERATE, Another Round

 Carol Starr stated that MARINet should re-apply for the ERATE subsidy even though we hadn't heard anything. Vaughn Stratford expressed concern that the time would be a problem for Val to do it since the deadline (window is March) was very near.

Board Retreat Planning

 The Board decided to return to Green Gulch for their Retreat. Val had checked some dates and March 25th is available. The schedule will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with lunch, coffee and drinks provided. Val will confirm and make the down payment. Preliminary agenda items are: budget, WEBPAC, Grants/Fundraising, confidentiality. Val urged member to send her more via email as the ideas came to them.

 Committees: Training Workshop Cost Approved, etc.

The Minutes of the Circulation Standards Committee and the Bibliographic Standards Committee are included in attachments. Val reviewed plans for the better committees/better meetings workshop. The Board had no problem paying Dr. Bishow $500 for the extra time needed: 8:30am to 12:30 pm at Mill Valley in the Creekside Room. Val and the Board Members divided the tasks that need to be done: snacks, coffee, writing paper, etc. Anne Montgomery asked Val to email everyone and remind them to car pool because of the parking situation.


 Sara Loyster explained an incident which had happened to her and which had violated the confidentiality law. Anne Montgomery talked about what should be done about a situation like Sara's. The Board discussed how the various libraries were handling spouse cards and parents inquiring about children's checkouts or teenager's checkouts. It was decided that this could use additional talk time, so it was added to the Retreat Agenda.

MCCMC Request for Information

 The Joint Services Coordination Program of the Marin Council of Mayors and Council Members sent MARINet a Request-for-Information that took Val several days to complete. The documentation required was extensive, well over 50 pages. It has been completed and sent. Val shared the letter detailing the documents requested.

 The next meeting will be Feb. 18th at the Civic Center, Rm. 410B, 9:00 a.m.


 Agenda for the January Meeting

 December Meeting Minutes (draft) & current MARINet Automation Update.

MARINet Budget 98-99 Report by Category as of 12/31/98 & Draft Cost Sharing Formula for 1999-2000.

Supersearch Cost Formula

MARINet Confidentiality Policy

Draft Goals Sheet

Letter from the Marin Council of Mayors and Council Members & RFI questions

MCL Schedule in Spanish

Saturday/Sunday Phone Tree

Circulation Standards Minutes December

Bibliographic Standards Minutes December

Joint Services Program background

Weekend Technical Support document with new beeper number

Auditor Finding #4 and Response, and Auditor Letter to the Governing Board

Innovative Invitation

1999 Holiday Schedule Draft

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