Board Minutes

To: MARINet Board and Interested Parties

From: MARINet Staff

CC: Val Morehouse; Glade Van Loan

Date: 01/11/99

Re: 12/17/1998 Meeting at Novato Public Library, 9:30 A.M. (Approved as Amended)


Board Members--- Mary Richardson, Board President (Sausalito Public Library); Debbie Mazzolini, MARINet Board Secretary (Belvedere-Tiburon Public Library); Anne Montgomery (Mill Valley Public Library); Vaughn Stratford (San Rafael Public Library);Carol Starr (Marin County Free Library); Sara Loyster (San Anselmo Public Library). Staff---Val Morehouse (MARINet Systems Administrator).

The November Minutes were approved as presented. Approved Minutes of previous meetings can be found online at Copies of the latest MARINet Automation Update was included in Board attachments. There were no guests to be introduced. Limit Screens (order of libraries in list) was added to the Agenda under New Business "Other". 


Val announced that a table had been reserved for lunch for everyone at the Cacti Restaurant for post-meeting, since the Board indicated in November that they wished to go to lunch after the December meeting. A new Marin County Free Library schedule including South Novato's hours was provided to everyone. The Board discussed the January meeting date (some members had conflicts) and decided to meet on Jan. 14th.


Copies of the revised draft for the weekend emergency calling tree were handed out. Each day has been split out. The Board asked that directional arrows be added and that the beeper number be placed on each sheet. 

INTRAnet Work Plan Phase 2

A copy of the Intranet Workplan, Phase 2 was included in Board attachments. Significant additions will be maintenance features, such as the ability for MARINet to upload Board Minutes. The Board Minutes will be made searchable; which should support the historical memory of the agency for such things as audits and for researching previous policy decisions. There will be a way to update "tables-of-contents" as well. On the private side of the Intranet, controls for authorizing users will be set up. Each user's access will be limited to those areas he/she is authorized to see. Also the FAQ and Resources area will be developed. Val is working on an "Electronic Citations" idea that will have live Internet links for guides for online and electronic publications/file. She is looking for other MARINet staff who have potential Resources to add. Vaughn Stratford has not finished the revision (with bullets) for the "About MARINet" section.

Budget, Bills (Approved: 6 Month Maintenance), Budget Adjustments (Approved).

The monthly MARINet Budget Report by Category (through 12/8/98) was included in Board attachments.Val pointed out the 6 month Innovative maintenance bill covering Jan.1, 1999 through June 30, 1999 for $31,728. Val indicated that the Budget Report shows sufficient money budgeted to pay this expected expense: the Board unanimously approved payment. Next Val explained reasons for the mid-year budget adjustments and offsets (in attachments): Mill Valley (9 licenses) and Marin County Free Library (40 licenses) had purchased extra Innopac licenses, for which offsets to the software account (4881) are needed. In addition, MARINet billed Mill Valley and Marin County for license surcharges for those licenses; and a budget adjustment is needed to move that money into software (4881). MARINet also has some revenue from license surcharges from San Anselmo and Belvedere-Tiburon that came in after the start of this fiscal year.

The MARINet furniture retrofit came in higher: a budget adjustment of $585.34 is needed for that. An adjustment of $2930.99 is needed to the hardware account (4880) to cover the tax on the new Central Site computer. As of this meeting the revenue overrealized (9716) does not contain quite enough to cover all the software. Most of the overrealized revenue will be moved into revenue and then the offsets and adjustments done. The rest will be taken from general contingencies. The Board voted unanimously to approve and sign the transfer requests. The signed request will be sent to the County Auditor's Office. 

Audit Update and Correspondence

Systems Administrator Val Morehouse sent a memo (in attachments) to Audit Supervisor Susan Forsyth and Auditor Jerry Baniqued concerning the repetitious questions and use of too much staff time by the Auditor, considering this late stage of the Audit. Several specific examples were cited. As an example of time-consuming and repetitious requests, Val included memo from the Auditor concerning cash receipts, disbursements, and petty cash. At the commencement of the Audit, Val Morehouse and Marin County Accounting Supervisor Andrew Yon answered a long questionnaire given to MARINet by the Auditor. This questionnaire contained numerous questions about cash receipts, disbursements, and petty cash. In addition, the Auditor personally queried both Val Morehouse and Glade Van Loan many times about cash, receipts, and expenditure practices and processes, covering the same ground. Yet it was necessary for Val Morehouse to correct the Auditor's narrative on MARINet's cash.

Online Databases Revisited

The Board packet contained a compilation of various BIP quotes received so far, including the new EBSCOhost quotes for BIP with and without reviews. The current budget figure was included for easy reference. Val had talked to the EBSCO Rep concerning the implementation date for "with reviews". Then, Val summarized a conversation with Joe from NBC concerning Electric Library and Moody's. Val had the URL for the Electric Library trial and the access login and password. The difference between Electric Library and Masterfile is that Electric Library is aimed at a different audience and is less comprehensive than Masterfile. Electric Library is a mini "one-stop-shop" for the K-12 and Community College audience. As it is intended to be an end-user product, its interface is quite nice. Its strength is that PBS and wire services are included. Dec. 31st is the deadline for signup thro ugh NBC in order to get the special price per simultaneous user. Moody's was discussed briefly, but not much interest surfaced. The Board is interested in a trial of IAC databases. Val Morehouse will pursue.

Administrator Goals Expansion

The Board's redraft of the Administrator's Goals and Objectives was not complete, so this item will be returned to the agenda in January. When in final form, Goals will be a standing agenda item.

MARINet Training: Approved Committee Training Workshop.

Val Morehouse had discussed the scope of committees logistics problems with Michael Bishow. After listening, to the symptoms Michael Bishow, a consultant who specializes in training staff to be better committee members and leaders, recommended that a longer workshop would be more appropriate. A discussion of times followed. Val will get back to Michael and pare down the schedule somewhat per Board wishes. The meeting place will be the Mill Valley Public Library Creek Room on Feb. 5th. Attendees will be limited to no more than 60. Val will get a list of support items needed for the workshop. She recommended that Board Members select the staff members that they want to be trained in good committee management; therefore, she will handle registration by sending the forms to them (on email), and have them decide which staff should be registered. Also, Board Members themselves should attend. They can then email a list of attendee names back to Val, so that she can prepare packets. The Board Members voted to expend $400 for the workshop. At the next meeting, Val will provide an update.

SuperSearch Formula Discussion:

Board Members had a lively discussion of the SuperSearch formula (just published). Vaughn Stratford reported that he had asked the NBC Steering Committee for a reconsideration of the formula, in order to remove the delivery costs. The was considerable discussion about how the formula seemed weighted more on delivery costs than on the cost of SuperSearch itself. That makes it appear that SNAP and MARINet are carrying the biggest burden for the cost of the system. Vaughn Stratford had a copy of the formula spreadsheet which he shared. Problems with the SuperSearch system such as slow response time were mentioned. Carol Starr said that County Inter-Library Loan is having so much trouble with it that she has requested a white paper from Phil Youngholm on how to improve the configuration. She would like to have it available on an Innovative menu. No one has opened it to the Public without staff intervention, which was the original intent. The Board asked that this issue be returned to the January agenda.

 Administrator Salary Adjustment:

Carol Starr informed Board Members about the proposed MARINet Systems Administrator salary adjustment. She has been in contact with County Human Resources. It appears that although the same title will be retained, the position will be reclassed into the same range as a computer job description. Human Resources feels that the computer job descriptions will have market studies and adjustments done more frequently, since this is an area in demand. Carol explained that H.R.'s plan is to take the change to the Board of Supervisors in January (the Board of Supervisors only acts quarterly on these requests). If approved, the adjustment would go into effect in January 1999.

MARINet Committees: SIG, Bib Standards, and Circulation

The Systems Integration Group (SIG) focussed on PCCIRC and the problem of backup when the system is down. Phil Youngholm expanded the original white paper on Backup Options to ideas on how to organize the backup. The Group will return to this in January. 

Val copied the indexing chart for our system for the Bibliographic Standards Committee December meeting. Members are supposed to compare the current subject indexing with the MARC tables and communicate what should be added to the subject re-indexing request. Recommendations are due to Val right after the first of the year. The order for re-indexing the subject index (which was Bib Standard's first choice) will be held for the recommendations. The Title Index recommendations will be done at Bib Standards' January Meeting. Bib Standards completed work on the "Volumes" handling, and Val requested that Bib Standards select someone to explain the new method to the MARINet Board at the January meeting. Beverlee Burke said she would do it, but the sub-committee (Elaine Crepeau and Libby Flynn) said that they would do it.

The Circulation Standards Committee discussed passwording for substitutes, when Release 12 might be loaded (late January or February), and what changes to expect from the addition of South Novato. They recommended removing the passwording for display holds on a title. This came in as an automatic with the loading of Release 11. Val Morehouse will place a request for III to turn it off. The group pondered the unevenness of the passwording, and Val remarked that it is tied to permissions forms filled out by supervisors. Since the County Library's reorganization, the forms are not quite accurate. They have not been updated to fit the new structure. MARINet had to add permissions for some staff in the new structure. The forms need to be redone, and now that the structure is in place the permissions should be reviewed also. Val will send out of list of functions which require permissions. Val alerted the group that year-end batch program runs are coming, and that cir culation could experience some busy records during that process, which takes more that a week to complete. Phyllis Brickman of Sausalito was chosen the new Chair for 1999.

Cable Modems and Public Hearing Invitation

Val Morehouse reminded Board Members that the Cable Franchise hearing for government and libraries was coming up Jan. 7th. She urged everyone to attend, and to RSVP Suki Sennett at the County. In preparation she provided a short list of things to consider (in attachments). She also provided and article about cable modems as background. 

Distribution of Information: Computer Changes & Computer Manual Pages

Val distributed a compilation she had made for a meeting with the Marin County Board of Library Commissioners Technology Committee meeting: Major Software & Hardware Changes Oct. 1997-Dec.1, 1998. It may come in handy for Board Members to use in the future. She also gave Board Members master copies for two revised or new items for the Computer Help Manual. Last came additional Y2K information from Innovative.

Larkspur: Assistance with Barcodes

Larkspur Public Library staff inquired if MARINet would assist them with ordering barcodes for the new books. The Board agreed that MARINet staff could assist them at cost plus the staff time; but that Larkspur needed to understand that the barcode sequence being used is for the MARINet consortium. This would mean that they would have to re-barcode at some later date if they decided not to join MARINet. MARINet will make sure that they understand the consequences of using barcodes in MARINet's sequence before any order is sent. 

Limit Screens: South Novato Changes List 

The addition of South Novato to the "limits" screen that patrons use in search to limit search results to books owned by a particular geographic location has disrupted the order of letters previously associated with a particular library. MARINet received complaints, and by trying to fix the complaints, caused more complaints. Everyone is very fond of the letter they had before South Novato came up. MARINet decided that seeking guidance on the order when everyone was together in the same room was a better approach. After discussion, a sequence was proposed. MARINet will call Innovative and have this sequence put in place.

Budget and Retreat Calendar

The Board picked March 18th for a possible date for the Annual Retreat. They indicated that the setting at Green Gulch was so successful that they would like to return again. MARINet will attempt to book the space.

The next meeting will be Jan. 14th at the Mill Valley Library, 9:00 a.m. The Feb. meeting will be on Feb. 18th, at the Civic Center, Rm. 410B, 9a.m.


 Agenda for the December Meeting.

 November Meeting Minutes (draft) & current MARINet Automation Update.

Marin County Library Schedule Revised to Add South Novato Hours.

Saturday and Sunday Phone Tree Revised.

Intranet Work Plan - Phase 2

MARINet Budget 98-99 Report By Category (as of 12/8/98).

Copy of 6-Month System Maintenance Bill

Budget Adjustments Sheet

Memos to and from Auditor's Dept. concerning Audit.

Database Comparisons and Notes on NBC Offers.

Goals Sheet.

Hardware and Software Changes Summary Sheet.

Cable Modems (Issues & Background).

Additional Y2K Information from Innovative

Oct. 23, 1998 Adult Services Committee Minutes

Oct. 27, 1998 Bibliographic Standards Committee Minutes

Model Connectivity Policy for General Plans.

Partnering for the Future (fiber optic cable maps).

RSVP for Workshops on Cable Communication.

C:\data\board\981217m.doc 01/13/99 vm


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