MARINet Governing Board

Minutes (Approved)

Friday, February 13, 1998
9:00 a.m.

Marin Civic Center, 410B

To: MARINet Board and Interested Parties

From: MARINet Staff

CC: Val Morehouse; Glade Van Loan

Date: Mar. 26, 1998

Re: 02/13/1998 Meeting at Marin Civic Center, 410B, 9 a.m. (Approved Minutes)


Board Members---Mary Richardson, MARINet Chair (Sausalito Public Library); Debbie Mazzolini , MARINet Board Secretary (Belvedere-Tiburon Public Library); Anne Montgomery (Mill Valley Public Library); Vaughn Stratford (San Rafael Public Library); Carol Starr, Marin County Free Library); Sara Loyster (San Anselmo Public Library). Staff---Val Morehouse (MARINet Systems Administrator).


Tour of New Central Site:

Val Morehouse took Board members on a tour of Room 104 where MARINet's CPU and telecommunications equipment is located after the move in January.

After approving the Minutes of the last meeting the Board began discussion of Budget Draft #2.

MARINet Budget Draft #2:

 Val Morehouse presented the calculation sheet containing the new cost sharing formula for MARINet for the coming budget year. The calculation sheet is attached below. New percentages are: Belvedere-Tiburon 5.42%; Marin County 56.71%; Mill Valley 9.90%; San Anselmo 4.45%; San Rafael 18.30%; and Sausalito 5.21%.

 The Board then reviewed Budget Draft #2. Val explained adds and changes. A $5000 subscription to Innovative's Authority File online had been left out of this year's budget. The bill for the broken tape drive have come in for payment even though no equipment money had been budgeted. The INN-VIEW periodicals subscription came in approximately $10,000 higher than the EBSCO subscription amount. NBC delivery has been zeroed because NBC has rolled delivery into the Supersearch charges. An overhead charge has been added for the voice and modem lines which will run through the county system. Glade Van Loan's reclass amount and step increases for anniversary dates have upped the salary and benefits lines.

The Board discussed the changes. They lowered the mailers purchase budget by $500, from $9500 to $9000. They requested that Val recheck the zero amount for NBC delivery to confirm. And, they requested clarification of the $5000 for Internet. They discussed the concept of mileage cost leveling for the 56K data lines, which are beginning to disappear as the switchover to frame relay happens. The Board would like to revisit the concept of mileage cost leveling for the frame relay/Internet lines in the future. For now, they left the 56K amount as is. Budget Draft #2 as presented before removal of the $500 for mailers is attached below.

Tax Codes:

San Anselmo Director Sara Loyster requested input from the Board on entering tax codes into patron records. After discussion, the Board requested that Val pursue contracting with Phil Youngholm for a series of training and research tasks to be completed before June 30th. The Board would like to know if there is an automated database of tax codes associated with streets which could replace the current methods used for looking up a patron's tax code.

Holds Integration:

 San Anselmo Director Sara Loyster explained how she would like to handle the transition from paper holds to automated holds. The Board agreed that this method would work. MARINet will help San Anselmo put out an email notification to interested parties concerning the holds.

 Larkspur Board Visit:

Vaughn Stratford and Val Morehouse briefed the Board on their visit to the Larkspur Public Library Board meeting, including some of the questions which had come up during the meeting.


Cost Formula

Budget Draft #2

 Next Meeting Dates:

Mar. 19, 1998 - 9 AM, Board Retreat - Green Gulch.

Mar. 26, 1998 - 9 AM, Marin Civic Center, Room TBA.

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