MARINet Governing Board

Minutes (Approved)

Thursday, January 15, 1998
9:00 a.m.

Sausalito Public Library, Conference Rm.

To: MARINet Board and Interested Parties

From: MARINet Staff

CC: Val Morehouse; Glade Van Loan

Date: 02/17/98

Re: 01/15/1998 Meeting at Sausalito Public Library, Conference Rm., 9 a.m.


Board Members---Mary Richardson, MARINet Chair (Sausalito Public Library); Debbie Mazzolini , MARINet Board Secretary (Belvedere-Tiburon Public Library); Anne Montgomery (Mill Valley Public Library); Vaughn Stratford (San Rafael Public Library); Carol Starr, Marin County Free Library); Sara Loyster (San Anselmo Public Library). Staff---Val Morehouse (MARINet Systems Administrator).

Agenda, Minutes, & Automation Update: 

Due to a schedule conflict the meeting location was changed from Belvedere-Tiburon to the Sausalito Public Library. Val Morehouse passed out copies of the latest MARINet Automation Update and copies of the draft Minutes of the previous Board meeting, which were approved. 

San Anselmo: 

The order of business was rearranged to accommodate Debbie Mazzolini, who needed to leave. Val presented a document with the Board's December vote to accept San Anselmo’s request to join MARINet. As recommended by the County Counsel, the document contains a second page for city and county governing body officer signatures and attests. After considerable discussion, the Board decided to take the original to each governing body for signatures. Once signed, the original will become a modifying attachment to the current Joint Powers Agreement of July 1997. Board President Mary Richardson will start the document. Progress on the signatures will be checked at the next Board meeting.

 Debbie Mazzolini then updated the Board on her purchase of BookWhere, which she hired Phil Youngholm to set up. Debbie reported that Belvedere-Tiburon is using the Z39.50 protocol to access the Library of Congress catalog. Records are downloaded from LC into the MARINet catalog. 


Val Morehouse then reviewed the TALX status. The MARINet upgraded bibliographic MARC record hits have been placed onto the TALX server in multiple files of 5,000 records. Due to vacations, the 75 ports changed over for the County Library, login training, and the move of the CPU, the files have not been uploaded yet into the catalog. Phil Youngholm volunteered to do this gradually during weekend or closed hours to lessen the load on the system. Hits will be spot checked first before loading. Loading will begin during the next two weeks and continue until done. After the load is complete, Val will contact TALX about the unresolved problems with the "no hits" files. 

MARINet CPU Move: 

Advance planning for the MARINet CPU move paid off. Val, Glade Van Loan, and David Doko of Innovative did the dismantling, hauling of equipment and cabling, and reconnecting. All electrical, phone and data lines were in place on the appointed day and time, as were the cabinets needed to reorganize the equipment. Most libraries were up and running by 6PM the same day. One Micom, the usual problem #3, burnt out during the move but was replaced the following day. After the equipment was in place, Information Services custom-cut wire to bring in those libraries now using internet communications instead dedicated 56K data lines into the INNOPAC. Loose ends remain---a cabinet shelf for the console came in wrong and will be replaced. The uninterruptable power supply plugface needs to be replaced with one compatible with the plugs. Some additional lengths of telephone wire need to be cut and strung for the voice line and the diagnostic modem. Val took before and after photos which have not been developed. 

The next phase of the MARINet move will be to move the MARINet office itself. Construction on the entire Library Administration area is beginning; and with MARINet’s cubicle right in the construction zone, working conditions are not the best, since construction is generating much noise and dust. Final date for the office move is not set at this time. 

Spanish Online Public Access Catalog: 

Spanish OPAC fining tuning is on hold until the County Library staff member in charge contacts the native speaker for some fine tuning. 

Budget Preparation: 

The Budget will be discussed at a the next regular meeting, which will be a dedicated budget meeting. Val asked Board members if they have any preference on when to do sampling from the system for development of the cost formula. They indicated that Val should pick a convenient date and plug in the appropriate figures. Val mentioned that certain elements were not resolved since contract negotiations with county employee unions are unsettled, and certain county overhead allotments are not yet available from the auditor or from telecommunications. 

Telecommunication E-Rate: 

The Board discussed their impressions of the e-rate workshop and the type of figures which would be needed for applying for e-rate reductions. The web site has not yet opened for the 75 day application period for round one. Information Services is interested in pursuing this as well. 

Administrator Evaluation & Goal Setting: 

County Librarian Carol Starr then informed the Board that as a new employee Val Morehouse needed to be evaluated every three months during her first year. The County has a checklist form for those which is needed for Human Resources. Carol will pursue the county forms, but the Board decided that every three months was too frequent for them. Val indicated that she would prefer to have the Board set goals for her to work on and then the Board evaluate her progress on them at intervals. The consensus was that the goal development will be part of the retreat. In order to get a pool of ideas the Board directed Val to collect ideas from them via email after several days have passed. Val could then compile all the ideas into a document for the Board to discuss at the retreat. Val will send the reminder email next week. The Board reviewed the planning supplies needed for the Retreat. There being no further business the meeting adjourned.


Next Meeting Dates:

Feb. 5, 1998 - Board Retreat rescheduled due to weather*

Feb. 13, 1998 - 9-12 Noon, Marin Civic Center, Rm. 410B (BUDGET).

Mar. 19, 1998 - 9 AM, Board Retreat - Green Gulch.

Mar. 26, 1998 - 9 AM, Marin Civic Center, Room TBA.





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