MARINet Governing Board

Minutes (Approved)

Thursday, February 20, 1997
9:15 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Room 410C, Marin County Civic Center

Board members present: Gail Haar, Marin County Free Library; Anne Montgomery, Mill Valley Public Library; Mary Richardson, Sausalito Public Library; Vaughn Stratford, San Rafael Public Library.

Others present: Philip Youngholm, MARINet Project Manager.

1. Approve minutes of meeting of January 16, 1996

The Board approved the minutes of January 16, 1996.

2. Adoption of agenda

The agenda was adopted as presented, with the addition of the revision of the Joint Powers Agreement. The order of discussion was revised, based on Vaughn Stratford's late arrival at the meeting.

3. Time for public questions and comment

There were no public questions or comment.

4. Circulation proposals by staff

One-week loans for high-demand children's materials: This was determined to be a matter of circulation policy at each individual jurisdiction. The Project Manager will work with staff at each jurisdiction that wishes to set this up.

Limits on total checkouts of adult materials: This proposal (to limit total concurrent loans of adult materials to 25 per patron card) came from the Adult Services Committee. The Board wishes to have a discussion and recommendation from the Circulation Standards Committee before making a decision.

5. Sign budget transfer for World Wide Web software

The Board signed a memo to the County Auditor-Controller requesting transfer of $8,043.75 from off-budget (contingency) funds to the budget, to pay for the INNOPAC World Wide Web server software.

6. Patron-placed holds

The Board adopted as MARINet policy the recommendations of the Committee on Patron-placed Holds in its report of February 4. The Project Manager will send this out in the form of a MARINet staff policy and procedures memo.

The Board also agreed that each library will buy an additional copy of a popular title when the number of holds per copy at that location reaches five.

7. Joint Powers Agreement

Vaughn Stratford will send his current draft of the revised JPA to all directors for comment. He will then prepare a final draft in time for discussion at the March 20 MARINet Board meeting.

8. Staffing plan

The Board approved a staffing plan that is scaled back from the 2.5 FTE originally discussed. The new staffing plan calls for a System Manager at the Administrative Librarian level (1.0 FTE), and an Operations Coordinator at the Library Technical Assistant II level (1.0 FTE), for a total of 2.0 FTE. $107,000 will be budgeted for these two positions in 1997/98. Additionally, $13,000 will be put in the 1997/98 budget for training by contract personnel.

9. Budget for 1997/98

The Board approved a budget of $348,563 for Fiscal Year 1997/98.

The Board decided not to accept County Information Services' proposal for moving the INNOPAC CPU and telecommunications equipment to the computer room on the first floor and for getting local support of the CPU and telecommunications hardware from IS&T.

It also decided not to purchase any additions to the system at this time, except for the re-indexing of ISBN's (at $775.00) recommended by the Bibliographic Standards Committee. However, the budget figure approved for FY 97/98 does not include this amount, so the Board will have to decide at a future meeting how to fund this purchase.

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