MARINet Governing Board

Minutes (Approved)

Thursday, December 19, 1996
9:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., Mill Valley Public Library

Board members present: Gail Haar, Marin County Free Library; Anne Montgomery, Mill Valley Public Library; Mary Richardson, Sausalito Public Library; Vaughn Stratford, San Rafael Public Library.

Others present: Deborah Mazzolini, Belvedere-Tiburon Community Library; Larry Smith, Marin County Library Commission; Carol Perot, Marin County Library Commission; Philip Youngholm, MARINet Project Manager.

1. Approve minutes of meeting of December 13, 1996

The Board approved the minutes of December 13, 1996.

2. Adoption of agenda

The agenda was adopted as presented.

3. Time for public questions and comment

The Board approved the following guidelines for public participation at MARINet Governing Board meetings:

Discussion at Board meetings is primarily among the directors of participating libraries. There will be a time for public questions and comment at the beginning of each meeting. As each agenda item is discussed, public comment will be invited as appropriate, at the discretion of the moderator of the meeting.

4. Financial report

The Project Manager presented a financial report for the year to date. He currently projects a surplus of approximately $20,000 in the budget at the end of the 1996/97 fiscal year. There is also $32,793.90 in off-budget funds available, with another $2,388 anticipated during this fiscal year in off-budget revenue under the San Anselmo contract. He suggested to the Board that they might wish to move approximately $1,500 into the salary budget to cover the Project Manager's increased hourly rate, which takes effect January 1, 1997. The Board agreed to put off revising the salary budget lines until the County has classified the proposed new permanent MARINet staff positions, which may be filled before the end of the fiscal year.

5. INNOPAC order records: approve policy on retention of completed and canceled orders

The Board approved the following retention policy for order records:

Every three months, MARINet deletes:

  1. Orders completed over a year ago (STATUS = a AND RDATE <= [one year before the beginning of the current quarter])
  2. Canceled orders over a year old (STATUS = z AND ODATE <= [one year before the beginning of the current quarter])

MARINet staff will create a disk archive of purged County orders before each deletion. The Project Manager and County Technical Services staff will review this procedure after six months, and the Board will review it after one year.

6. Acquisitions methods and their effect on the use of the system

The library directors present affirmed their intention to maintain records on the system for on-order materials, with exceptions only for locally-purchased materials, ephemera, and other materials that are quickly added to the collections.

The Board consented to Belvedere-Tiburon's decision to use Brodart for its opening-day collection. Specifically, this will mean that the MARINet staff will produce a machine-readable copy of the database and transmit it to Brodart, for Brodart to use in determining whether Belvedere-Tiburon's opening-day titles are already in MARINet's online catalog. A new (second) load table will be needed for loading the Brodart records, so that an incoming record can be used to create a new item record attached to an existing bibliographic record (our current load table automatically replaces the bibliographic record). Brodart will pay for MARINet staff time, County staff time (needed for bibliographic profiling), and the new load table.

The Bibliographic Standards Committee is to study recent and forthcoming developments in cataloging services, to see if these are possibilities for MARINet libraries. Specifically, the committee will investigate OCLC telecommunications charges, to see if these can be shared.

The Project Manager will arrange a meeting of acquisitions users, once Sausalito and Belvedere-Tiburon are using the acquisitions system.

7. Response to letter of October 22, 1996 from Jerry Kline, President of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Vaughn Stratford did not have time to draft this response. Gail Haar will draft one instead and circulate it to the Board for comment. It was agreed that the letter does not need to wait for discussion and approval at a Board meeting.

8. Patron-placed holds

The Project Manager reported that the testing of patron-placed holds is in abeyance, waiting for Innovative Interfaces to fix a bug. Gail Haar reported that the County is in agreement with raising the patron block on money owed to $10.00, and does not need approval of the Board of Supervisors for this.

9. MARINet statement on confidentiality of patron information

This topic was tabled until the meeting of January 16.

10. Use of currently-unallocated user licenses

The Board approved the Project Manager's proposed allocation of thirty user licenses not allocated to specific jurisdictions, as follows:

4 MARINet staff

2 NBC libraries

4 public dial-in

6 public Internet

3 INNOPAC Partners (MALC, Berkeley, Alameda, Richmond)

3 NBC SuperSearch

8 staff

11. Procedures for adding, changing, and deleting staff permissions (logins and initials)

The Project Manager distributed a revised form for requesting permissions. The revised form includes two passworded functions that were omitted on the old form. He pointed out that in our environment, where staff members sometimes work for more than one jurisdiction, it will be necessary for some staff members to have multiple logins, though only one set of initials is necessary. (This is because logins tell INNOPAC what library the staff member is working for, whereas initials only control what the staff member is allowed to do.) He also pointed out that it makes sense to have permissions maintained centrally, since a staff member may stop working for one jurisdiction but keep working for another.

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