MARINet Governing Board

Minutes (Approved)

Thursday, November 21, 1996
9:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., Mill Valley Public Library

Board members present: Gail Haar, Marin County Free Library; Anne Montgomery, Mill Valley Public Library; Mary Richardson, Sausalito Public Library; Vaughn Stratford, San Rafael Public Library.

Others present: Deborah Mazzolini, Belvedere-Tiburon Community Library; Larry Smith, Marin County Board of Library Commissioners; Philip Youngholm, MARINet Project Manager.

1. Minutes

The Board approved the minutes of the meeting of October 24, 1996.

2. Sign previously-approved invoice payment

The Board signed a memo to the County Auditor-Controller's Office approving payment of $4,129.13 to Innovative Interfaces, Inc., for INNOPAC File Transfer Software.

3. Announcements

The Project Manager announced on behalf of Heather Lamb that she and Barbara Jacobs, who have been sharing the director's position at San Anselmo Public Library, are both resigning as of January 31, 1997. The Library Board and the Town Council will be discussing in December how to fill the position in the interim. Recruitment for the permanent position is expected to start in January.

4. Patron-placed holds

The Board discussed the Project Manager's memo of 11/21/96 on patron-placed holds and agreed on the following policies:

The charge for a patron-placed hold will be $.50 except at Sausalito, where the charge will be $.25. Dial-in and telnet patrons will also be charged $.50. The charge will be added to the patron's record at the time the hold is placed.

The Board intends to raise the amount of money owed at which the patron will be blocked from the current $3.00 to $10.00. Gail Haar will find out if approval of the Board of Supervisors is needed on the County Library's part. The maximum number of simultaneous unfilled holds per patron will remain unchanged at ten.

The Board agreed that materials should be generally available for patron-placed holds within MARINet, except for non-circulating materials and rental items. The Project Manager was instructed to find out if the NBC SuperSearch system will be able to block requests by non-MARINet patrons for non-book materials; if not, we will have to make these materials unavailable for requests by our own patrons.

The Board agreed that patron-placed holds will be set up so that for County libraries, on-shelf copies will be paged between regional libraries and the smaller libraries they are responsible for serving; if no such copy is available, the system will page one at random from the rest of the system. For City libraries, if no on-shelf copy is available in the local library, the system will page one at random from the rest of the system.

Vaughn Stratford announced that San Rafael intends to make its Easy books available for holds, and to convert some copies of its new books to rentals, making the others available for holds.

5. Confidentiality of patron records

The Project Manager will send to staff a memo on what information the system retains about patron borrowing, and then delete the information on this topic that has been posted on the Library Information screens.

Gail Haar will draft a MARINet statement on patron confidentiality, based on the County Library's policy, for discussion at the December 19 Board meeting.

6. Response to letter of October 22, 1996, from Jerry Kline, President of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Vaughn Stratford will draft a letter accepting Jerry Kline's offer for III staff to work with the Project Manager to improve our telecommunications system and our trouble-shooting abilities. As part of this effort, the Project Manager will renew his requests for Micom documentation, and will obtain recommendations for power protection devices for the remote telecommunications equipment.

7. Revision of Joint Powers Agreement; staffing plan

A special Board meeting was scheduled to discuss this matter. It will be held Friday, December 13, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, place to be announced.

8. Port and user-license pricing; deposit of moneys received for ports.

The Board agreed that the cost to a library of adding a user license will be Innovative's user-license charge (currently $850.00) plus a $250.00 surcharge for memory. The surcharge will be placed in the sinking fund to support the purchase of a memory upgrade when it is needed.

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 19, at 9:15 am, at Mill Valley Public Library.

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