Tuesday March 28, 2000 1:30 PM
Marin County Civic Center Room 410 B

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Debbie Mazzolini, Chair
Carol Starr, Marin County
Cathy Blumberg, Mill Valley
Sara Loyster, San Anselmo
Vaughn Stratford, San Rafael
Mary Richardson, Sausalito
ALSO PRESENT: Val Morehouse, MARINet


Minutes of the Board Meeting of February 29, 2000: Approved
Minutes of the Budget Meeting of March 10, 2000: Approved
AGENDA: Approved

NEXT MEETINGS: April 6, 2000 - Retreat (all day) Green Gulch (note: since the meeting the April 6th retreat has been changed to May 15, 2000, location still to be set). Next Board meetings April 27th 9:00 CCE Room 310 B and May 25th 9:15 CCE Room 310 B.


WORK PLAN: Debbie expressed concern that the Work Plan which Val submitted was more of a calendar than the work plan that the Board imagined. Debbie will submit work plan samples to Val and suggested that she look at books on how to produce a Work Plan. Debbie requested that Val submit a plan for the remainder of FY 1999-2000 by April 6, 2000 and select one or two projects (LTI and/or Millennium Circ) and present a Work Plan on these two projects. This plan could then be discussed at the retreat on April 6th. Debbie and Sara or Vaughn will meet with Val this week to further discuss the process of doing a work plan.


  1. Debbie has contacted some more consultants for the Staffing/Task study. It was suggested that we prepare a summary of the scope of the job so that the consultants can accurately estimate the cost of the project. Included in the scope will be a request for assessing MARINet staffing, including the skill levels needed; assessing what MARINet should be doing; assessing our governance structure and how we operate; and a recommendation for phasing in the changes. Debbie will prepare the scope for discussion at the retreat on April 6th.
  2. Glade Van Loan has started to prepare the paperwork on her request for a job reclassification. The paperwork will be submitted to County Human Resources.

PROJECT LIST: The Board discussed the list of projects which Val submitted. Debbie suggested that in the future that we develop goals for the individual committees so that the role of the committees is clarified.


  1. The transaction list was reviewed and discussed. Sara Loyster moved and Mary Richardson seconded the motion that the Board will be given a quarterly budget summary that shows the balances in the operating budget. These figures would include the cost sharing, other revenue, expenses and the overall balance as well as the balance of the sinking fund and estimated balance of the carry-over fund. All board members were in favor, none opposed.
  2. For the Budget for FY 2000/01 the Board reaffirmed the following from the meeting of March 10, 2000:
    • The Computer Technician reclassification if a Human Resources decision
    • The Board supports a FTE Intermediate Clerk Typist in FY 2000/01
    • We will review ways to get substitute outside Technical help through IST, III and other ways
    • There will be no increases in the bottom line of the budget
    • We will use carry-over funds and Budget savings to cover any additional personnel costs in FY 2000/01
    And in addition:
    • The Board will have a job analysis performed by a consultant in the first quarter of FY 2000/01.
    Val was asked to present exact additional budget figures for personnel at the retreat.
  3. The Board reviewed the Proposed Budget for FY 2000/01 (Draft 2).

BIP: Val was asked to label BIP as in-library use only on the web site.

SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY: The Board reviewed the additions to the Security and Confidentiality policy made by the County Counsel. It was decided not to combine the two policies. Carol Starr moved to accept the revised Security policy as revised by the County Council and Cathy Blumberg seconded the motion. All Board members were in favor, none opposed.


INNOVATIVE USERS GROUP CONFERENCE: The annual III users group conference will be held in Philadelphia, PA. The Board requested that Val attend the conference.

MITC VISIONING E-PUBLIC SERVICE CONFERENCE: Vaughn Stratford and Anne Montgomery attended the conference on March 25th. The focus of the MITC committee is on how technology relates to public services and it is a policy-making committee. For this reason, it was felt that Anne Montgomery would be the best representative to attend the monthly meetings, rather than Val. Anne will report back to the Board via e-mail.


  1. The Board approved the Bibliographic Standards Committee Mission and Goal statement as submitted.
  2. Proposal for the State Recon Grant: Mary Richardson moved that we accept the proposal with the understanding that the committee would update the proposal and resubmit it to the board with clarification on the following elements:
    • Time line and time limit
    • The hours per week for the cataloger
    • A bare-bones budget summary
    • A plan for the bin distribution and the division of work
    Vaughn Stratford seconded the motion. All Board members were in favor, none opposed.

OTHER ITEMS/ANNOUNCEMENTS: The County Library will begin a project with the San Geronimo Valley School to include the school books with into the San Geronimo Valley collection.


Minutes by Cathy Blumberg

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