Minutes of the MARINet Board Meeting
Friday, March 10, 2000 9:00am
Mill Valley Public Library, Meeting Room

Board Members Present: Debbie Mazzolini, Chair
Carol Starr, Marin County
Cathy Blumberg, Mill Valley
Sara Loyster, San Anselmo
Mary Richardson, Sausalito
Also present Val Morehouse, MARINet
Absent Vaughn Stratford, San Rafael

Executive Session: The Board held an Executive Session to go over the Board Letter with the System Administrator.

Minutes: the Minutes of the February 29 meeting will be approved at the next regular meeting. This meeting is a special meeting to focus on the 00/01 Budget.

Old Business:


Computer Technician Reclassification: The Board discussed Glade Van Loan's request to the Human Resource Department that her position be reclassified from a Computer Technician to a Computer Specialist. Human Resources requested that Glade summarize where and how she performs the duties of the Computer Specialist class.

New Positions Requested: The Board discussed the narrative prepared by Val Morehouse on the 1.5 new positions she requested - .5 FTE additional Clerk Typist and 1 FTE Technology Support Analyst I.

There was general agreement that the existing half time clerical position should be increased to full time. This will cost us approximately $24,000 more (due to the cost of picking up full-time benefits). We will cover this increase next year with budget savings and carryover.

In regards to the technical support, the Board expressed several concerns. These included wondering what the person would do besides sick leave and vacation coverage, a concern that pc support is a matter for the individual library jurisdictions to supply, and a discussion about our needs for MARINet office support during evening hours. The Board discussed the possibility of finding expanded sick leave and vacation coverage through some other process, possibly through a contract with IST. Val was asked to talk with Marilyn Filbrun at IST about what possibilities exist for help from them through a contract or sharing a staff person. Perhaps the bottom of the technical personnel ladder, staff at a cheaper cost, could suffice. The Board would like to see a weekly schedule and a list of duties for what each person in MARINet, existing and proposed expanded, would be doing. Val agreed to supply this by the April 6 retreat.

In summary, we agreed:

Per the JPA, we need all members to agree on a financial decision. Since one member was absent, we will return to this issue at our March 28 meeting. Our goal is to have a final budget that we can approve at this meeting.

The Board reviewed the rest of the Budget and requested that Val include an additional $.01 per piece for postage, to call and check on what potential increases might occur on our contract items (BIP, EBSCO, etc). The correct figures for indirect county overhead, postage, etc, still need to be plugged in. The rent is increasing by approximately $2,500 per year. All of these final figures will change the sinking fund contribution, since that is 10% of the total budget costs.

Other items:
It was suggested that we look into emailing overdues.

Sara Loyster requested that in future hiring interviews, a member of the Board be included on the hiring panel (ex. Full-time clerk typist).

Debbie Mazzolini is still pursuing getting quotes from management job analyst firms, including Sue Epstein. Several other suggestions were passed on to Debbie and she will follow up on them as soon as possible.

Val will annotate the new III catalog and send it to us. We can review what new features we might want to add at the April 6 Retreat. Val will pull out what looks good to her.

Sara agreed to investigate how the automatic phone response system works at Contra Costa County Library.

Cathy told us that Mill Valley was going to re-do their automated phone message system.

New Business: System Update: the proposed move of equipment from Room 104 to the basement in the Civic Center has been cancelled and is not going to happen.
Glade Van Loan is scheduled for two weeks vacation in April and two weeks in May.
Val Morehouse is taking one week vacation March 19-27.

Agenda for Retreat: agreed to items from last time:

  1. Millenium Circ/Emerging Technologies/Future Developments
  2. Val's Workplan
  3. Goals

Debbie Mazzolini will bring her laptop computer and agreed to take minutes at the Retreat.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 am.

Minutes by Carol Starr

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