Minutes of the MARINet Board of Directors' Meeting
Thursday, March 22, 2001
Marin County Civic Center, Room 410B

Board Members Present:
  Sara Loyster, San Anselmo
Carol Starr, Marin County Free Library
Vaughn Stratford, San Rafael
Debrorah Mazzolini, Belvedere-Tiburon
Cathy Blumberg, Mill Valley
Mary Richardson, Sausalito Public Library
Also attending:
  Frances Gordon, Larkspur

  1. Public Comment: no public present

  2. Introduction of guests: no guests present

  3. Approval of Minutes:
    Minutes of February 22, 2001 meeting approved (Starr, Mazzolini)

  4. Announcements:
    Starr said there will be a super booksale at the exhibition center on March 31 and April 1.
    She also announced that the County is experimenting with e-mailing its newsletter to those patrons that have allowed them to do this. There is a space for e-mail on the County's patron application forms. Starr will give a copy of the application form to Moehrke to send to everyone.

  5. Additions to the Agenda:
    Add: System Administrator's Report and discussion of Larkspur joining MARINet to end of agenda.
    The Board adjourned to Closed Session to discuss a decision regarding the Technical/Trainer position.

    Starr moved and Stratford seconded a motion that we investigate the administrative procedures and then request that the Systems Support Analyst position be moved from IST to MARINet starting July 1, 2001. In favor: Loyster, Blumberg, Richardson, Starr, Stratford Abstain: Mazzolini Reconvene to Open Session

  6. Old Business:

    1. MARINet Study
      • Review of consultant task assignments-Interim Network Assessment Report was distributed. Everyone will look over this document and go over his/her area(s) and move ahead on his/her assignment. The 6 items on p.17 of the report should be accomplished by June 21 when we meet with the consultants.
      • Budget calendar-Loyster suggested we break out what Board and the Committees each do into two separate sections on the calendar. Stratford will redo the calendar incorporating this idea.

    2. Budget
      • Moehrke reviewed current year budget with the Board.
      • Moehrke reviewed the FY 01-02 budget worksheet with the Board. Starr moved, Mazzolini seconded a motion that the MARINet Governing Board approves the MARINet budget for FY 2001-2001 in the total amount of $486,861.30 (which includes the Sinking Fund contribution) as set forth in the MARINet Budget Worksheet 2001-2002. In favor: Starr, Mazzolini, Loyster, Stratford, Blumberg (for Montgomery) and Richardson.

    3. Librarian's Index to the Internet Moehrke hasn't yet spoken with Carol Leita about this.

    4. D. Patron time-out software and A.P.I. purchase CybraryN will be tested at the Civic Center Library. SRI is also being looked at How it works: A pc is dedicated to Internet signup (can also book from home). It's structured so that it gives a patron a certain number of hours a week no matter what library(that's using the software) he's using. Patron needs a library card in good standing. Guest cards also available. Patron A.P.I. (application patron interface) is the sofware that interfaces.

  7. New Business:

    1. IUG Users' Group conference in Santa Clara
      Most of the Board plans to attend

    2. System Administrator's Report
      Moehrke went over her written report with the Board

    3. Larkspur-discussion of steps Larkspur needs to take to join MARINet.
      A Formal resolution to approve the buy-in amount for Larkspur will go on next month's agenda.

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