MARINet Circulation Standards Committee

Minutes of Business Meeting-Final

Date: Thursday, May 8, 2008

Time: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Location: Novato Library

Attendees: Mary Brown (NOV), Helen Dowty (MVY), Jason Duran (BET), Libby Flynn (MCFL), Peggy Gill (SAU), Frances Gordon (LRK), Lashalle Lyons (SRF), Deb Moehrke (MARINet), Anthony Puga (FAI), Katrina Raleigh (CMA), Mireya Renteria (PWD), Mary Richardson (SAU), Teressa Snyder (CCE) (13 attendees)

I. Public Comment Period: There was no public comment.

II. Introduction of any guests: There were no guests present.

III. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting: Deb Moehrke wanted to clarify the statement under "Old Business" on page 2, Section VII, c., line 5, sentence: County libraries have less flexibility. Deb wanted to be sure we all understood that all branches of the county would have to vote on a change in receiving the patron notices about to be billed to do a shelf check for the items. Unlike the city libraries that could choose individually for this option, the county would have to vote on it for all county branches. We all agreed that was our understanding. Katrina motioned for the minutes to be approved and Jason seconded the motion.

IV. Announcements: Mireya from Pickleweed brought in an example of their new DVD cases. The old cases they were using were so difficult to use that Mireya even broke a DVD trying to get it out. The new cases have no teeth in the center of the case so there is nothing to push in or manipulate to release the DVD.

V. Additions to the Agenda: No additions were added to the Agenda.

VI. Standing Agenda items: A. MARINet Updates (MARINet Systems Administrator Deb Moehrke) On Friday, May 9th between 7-8 am the system will be down. Deb took down the phone numbers of anyone who would be there that early so she could call them to ask them to log out of Millennium and E-Term. The new battery for the UPS is going to be installed at this time and should only take a few minutes but the server will be shut down during installation.

Libby from the Technical Center in South Novato spoke about last Saturday, May 3rd when the UPS failed on Millennium. Records were "IN USE" for a period of time. Deb explained that the records do stack up when the system is down then they are loaded when the system is back up. They regularly back up the system on Monday morning around 8:00 am. There was discussion about the "authorized list" of people who can call Innovative direct when the control has stopped. This would be in the E-Term management functions. Peggy from Sausalito asked if she were on the list and Deb said yes. Peggy was unaware of the list or the phone number and Deb offered to give her the information.

B. MARINet Board News (MARINet Board Liaison Mary Richardson) The Board disbanded the Public Service committee but kept the Board and the Circulation Standards committee. We have also been studying the Brown Act to be sure we are in compliance with our notifications of agendas for meetings, as well as the publication of the minutes. In the next Board meeting we will be discussing and deciding on the new goals for next year's Circulation Standards. Mary then asked us to offer suggestions. After a roundtable discussion we decided it was time to bring in our Millennium Circulation Manuals and update them. We want to refine any inconsistencies in the manual so we are operating with the same procedures. Lashalle from San Rafael said when she looked in the manual for entering patron information about the driver's license, the manual was spelled out clearly, and however, she had being doing it differently. Deb reminded us that the "internet only" patrons would expire in six months and have a ptype 100.

Helen from Mill Valley would like to stress cutting down on the paper we use. She wants us all to make an effort to really Go Green. If we do need to use the paper, please use both sides for printing and if possible to communicate through the email.

VII. Old Business

A. Procedure for missing items on "Clear Holdshelf" report (Jason) when you print a clear holdshelf report and the books are not on the holdshelf, should we change the status of the item as missing and then inform the owning library of the status change? If so we need a list of the people we need to contact about the item status change. Katrina suggests we take the regular holds management procedure then inform the owning library of the item status change and why.

B. List for "Whom to call" Holds Management (Jason) Jason will put the list together but is missing some of the western Marin County contacts. Libby will send the contact list to Jason.

VIII. New Business

A. Library Rental Books (Lashalle) Can the rental books be returned at any library? Mary from Novato whose library has the rental books said yes.

B. Book Club sets Marin County (Mary Brown) We are now going to have Book Club sets in the Marin County Libraries. When you look in the catalog you will see "book club set title". These sets will be in a zippered bag with 11 items to check for before checking in. There should be 10 paperbacks plus one (1) reading guide. The reading guide will also be barcoded. Patrons who are checking out these sets will be instructed to return the sets to the owning library but if they are returned elsewhere please alert your staff to check the contents before checking the items in. If the contents are incomplete fill out one of the "Incomplete or Mismatched" slips and give the patron a call. If you want to see an example of the book club sets take a look at: Santa Clara County Library website and type in book club set in the search window. Our Book Club Sets will be checked out to one patron who will be responsible for the entire set. These items are holdable.

C. IUG report (Deb) Enhancements for the Release 2007 which is now ready for installment. As soon as all libraries give the go ahead that their computers are in compliance with the requirements of the update, the new release will be installed. When installed we will have required training where at least one staff member will be required to attend with the knowledge being brought back to their library and the remaining staff is to be trained by that person.

D. Forgot your PIN (Libby) There will be a message button with the new release on the MARINet site where the patron can take care of the problem if they have forgotten their pin number. The system will reset the pin number and email a new pin number for temporary use so the patron can gain access to their record to reset to their own pin number.

E. Telnet When the new release is installed anyone who is still using circulation Telnet in E-Term will no longer be able to do so. E-Term is slowly going away so those that are still using should be training on Millennium now.

F. Final Review for Report to Board on Year's Goals * Increase the number of patrons records with emails as the Notice Preference: We went from 67% to 76.55% with adding emails to the patrons records cutting down on the paper mailings. We hope to reach the goal of 80% by the years end.

* Address the Jargon we use with patrons: We set up a place in Thurston to address the language we could make friendlier to patrons and the best input was a website: from Phil Youngholm which has everything in it. Most of the "jargon" we use is spoken and not written so this site was very useful for everyone. The All Staff Day with Joan Frye Williams caused us all to become aware of our language and signage. Many of us are now using "check-out desk" instead of circulation desk, customer or member for patron, fees or charges instead of fines. Mireya from Pickleweed said that several of the library terms do not translate easily into Spanish so they use different terms from the English usage. Jason suggested that we have a section in the manual about wording that is user friendly to the customers. Deb said that would be helpful and Jason agreed to draft it.

G. New Meeting schedule for 2008/2009 (committee) Mary from Novato gave us the dates for the next meetings as follows with the first meeting to be held in Novato. Lashalle will check on the availability of having some of the meetings in San Rafael.




12/11/08 MILL VALLEY "TBA"

03/12/09 SAN ANSELMO "TBA"

05/14/09 NOVATO "TBA"

F. Welcome New Chair and nominate Vice-Chair (committee) The new Chairman of the Circulation Standards committee is Jason Duran from Belvedere-Tiburon Library and the Vice-Chairman is Anthony Puga from Fairfax Marin County Library.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Date and Place of Next Meeting: July 10, 2008, 1:30-3:30 pm in Novato, minutes and refreshments provided by Larkspur.

Respectfully Submitted by: Peggy Gill, Sausalito