MARINet Board Agenda

Meeting February 21, 2002

Marin County Civic Center, Rm. 410B

9:00 a.m - Noon.





            I.     Public Comment Period

An opportunity for any citizen to address the MARINet Board on any MARINet matter. Please limit statements to 3 minutes.


          II.     Introduction of any guests.


        III.     Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes from January 28, 2002 Board meeting††††††††††††††

       IV.     Announcements


          V.     Additions to the agenda (This agenda is not final. Board members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting.)


       VI.     Old Business


A.    Reports from Committee Liaisons

B.    System Administratorís Report

C.    Approve purchase of Newspaper Database

D.    Approve 2002/03 Cost Sharing Formula

E.     Discussion of quotes from Innovative:

a.      RAM or replace server

b.     Unlimited OPAC licenses

F.     Review draft 02/03 Budget††††††††††


     VII.     New Business


A.    Discuss and Approve MARINet Board goals

B.    Resolution to delay budget approval past March 15th deadline