Meeting May. 27, 1999 at Marin County Civic Center, Rm. 410B, 9 AM.


  1. Introductions of any guests
  2. Updates, Minutes, Announcements.
  1. Hearing schedule on the Library of California (handout).
  2. MARINet Workshop Scheduled.
  3. Library Filter Bill (handout)
  4. Other?

III. Additions to the Agenda (This agenda is not final: Board Members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting).  

IV. Old Business

  1. Personnel
    1. Are there any staff members who have left or changed jobs in the past month?
    2. Val's vacation.
  2. Monthly Budget Report (Handout)
    1. 1/8 cent sales tax tabled due to Carol's absence
    2. Monthly Update & latest on the Sinking Fund
    3. Decision: MCL to pay first installment in Dec 99?
  3. Security Policy, etc.
    1. Update on MVY: Check needed by all.
    2. Passwording volunteers.
  4. Board Letter to Committees/ Action Form.
  5. Audit Decision.
  6. Revisit Location of Supersearch on bottom of MARINet Webpac pages vs. each library for themselves (on individual library web pages).
    1. No response to request to feedback request for location of Supersearch Icon; therefore the Board should decide.
  7. Online Databases.
  8. INTRAnet and INTRAnet Task Force Update
    1. What to do with non-system Reference Questions coming to MARINet with no obvious address: Val has been emailing patron and requesting home library to forward.

V. New Business. 

  1. System Update
      1. Who is responsible for the "official word" on system and software.
      2. Millenium update: Val has requested a package price for a suite of modules including acquisitions, serials control, circulation, database maintenance, etc.
      1. PC recommendations: minimum = Pentium II 266 mhz and 64 Mb RAM with 50 Mb free disk space, Windows 95, Netscape 4.04 or later and Java plug-in version 1.2. better = Pentium @ 350 mhz & 128 RAM = larger disks if you intend
      2. Recommendation: that each library maintain a PC by PC logbook with all setups, configurations, and changes…in order to allow any technician to assess what is there by reading logbook.
      1. System support letter from Innovative.
      2. Pending contracts for service: suggested things to include.
      3. Need count of how many EM320W licenses we have now & how many we will need.
      4. Phone number overlay: all should include complete area codes in all patron registrations
      5. Software changes: "New PIN message added to WEBPAC; MARC validity table updated.
      6. Software Orders: Web Access Management, Title indexing, Subject indexing.
      7. Software Queries for Possible Order: Output to Third Party Accounting Software.
      8. Clarify: is it a MARINet wide policy that all reserves whether patron or staff placed will be 50 cents without exception (This includes last month's Supersearch discussion) - ref. MCL circ Minutes 4/16/99.
      9. Clarify: Bel-Tib asks is there a MARINet policy about what to do with holds placed against an order record when the title is indefinitely delayed (Michael Crichton's Timeline)?

B. MARINet Committees

    1. Mayor & Councilmembers' JPA oversight group (Anne).
    2. Circulation:
      1. Patron's of 12/25/99 in process of cleanup: SAU done; others?
    1. Bib Standards:
      1. Recordkeeping is needed on Database cleanup to track progress and hours needed to focus on the Board Database Cleanup goal
      2. Request from Bib standards from "focus" time for Database cleanup goal.
    1. SIG
      1. TUG Mentor's Job description, Minutes, etc. on INTRAnet.

C. Other. 

Set new meeting dates…Carol has conflict with ALA for the June 24 meeting. Reschedule?