Meeting MAR. 18, 1999 at Marin County Civic Center, Rm. 410B, 9 AM.

ATTN BOARD MEMBERS! The MARINet Budget will consume most of today's agenda.

I. Introductions of any guests

  1. Minutes, Announcements.
    1. Completed Technology Plan and ERATE filings.
    2. Other?

III. Additions to the Agenda (This agenda is not final: Board Members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting).  

IV. Old Business

  1. Are there any staff members who have left or changed jobs in the past month?
  2. Monthly Budget Report (Handout) & Sinking Fund Update.
  3. Budget Cost Formula (Percentages Need Approval)

V. New Business. 

  1. Draft of Proposed Budget (Needs Adds, Changes, and Approvals).
  2. Include Frame Relay? ---This will require an ERATE application by 4/6/99.
  3. Approval needed: Budget Grand Total.
  4. Approval needed: Share offset.
  5. Approval needed: fund all or part of capital projects with any offbudget funds.
  6. Three Year Budget Projection (Planning Handout).
  7. Review Retreat Agenda one last time.
  8. Other. 

Set new meeting dates…