Meeting Jan. 14, 1999 at Mill Valley Public Library, 9 PM.

ATTN BOARD MEMBERS! The Formal Audit Report has been re-scheduled for the February Meeting.

 V. Next Meeting is…(Don't Forget to set a January date)!

  1.   Introductions of any guests

  Guests: Bibliographic Standards Committee White Paper on Volumes Handling.

II. Minutes, Automation Update, Announcements.

Handout: MCL Library Hours in Spanish.

Announcement: Bibs without items Christmas Review File (Database Cleanup) will disappear on Jan. 18th.

Announcement: Innovative Events at ALA Midwinter & Invitations.

III. Additions to the Agenda (This agenda is not final: Board Members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting).


IV. Old Business

  1. Intranet Work Plan Progress. 
  2. Budget Report/1st Draft 1999-2000 Budget/Bills & Receipts/Audit status. 
  3. CPU & Indexing.
  4. Books in Print revisited.  
  5. Training.
  1. Goals Revisited.
  2. SuperSearch 
  3. Other. 

V. New Business. 

  1. MARINet Committees Update.
  2. Confidentiality Review.
  3. MARIN Cable Communications
  4. Other.

Set new meeting dates…