Meeting Nov. 19, 1998 at Marin County Civic Center 322B, 1 PM.

ATTN BOARD MEMBERS! Please bring your 1999 holidays and closed days dates to the Board Meeting . MARINet needs to input these into the system ASAP!!!!

 V. Next Meeting is…(Don't Forget to set a January date)!

  1.   Introductions of any guests


II. Minutes, Automation Update, Announcements.

III. Additions to the Agenda (This agenda is not final: Board Members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting).


IV. Old Business

  1. Intranet Work Plan Progress. 
  2. Budget/Bills/Audit status. 
  3. CPU & Indexing.  
  4. Books In Print revisited.
  5. Report on Training. 
  1. MARINet Office Furniture. 
  2. Goals Revisited. 
  3. Other. 

V. New Business. 

  1. MARINet Committees Update.
  2. Purchase 4 more shared MARINet licenses for pools: 1 dial in, 3 internet?
  3. Telestructure II and Invitation to MARIN Cable Communications
  4. Workshop Library Hearing
  5. Rough out budget and retreat calendar.
  6. Other?

Set new meeting dates…