Meeting Sep. 24, 1998 at Mill Valley Public Library, 9 AM

  1. Introductions of any guests*
  2. * Scott McKown and Stephanie Leonard (MARINet INTRAnet programming)

  3. Minutes, Automation Update, Additions to agenda, Announcements.

  4. Old Business

    1. Tech support Agreement (see guests above)
        1. Intranet
        2. Weekend Guidelines
        3. CSDirect

    2. Budget/Bills/Audit status
        1. Employee Liability (Memo in attachments)
        2. Annual Report of Financial Status
        3. Audit Update: MCL Outstanding Interest Owed MARINet (Auditor's Letter in attachments)
        4. Income & Expense Report (in attachments)
    3. CPU & Indexing Update.
    4. Online Database Update:
        1. INN-View EBSCO Update
        2. Books In Print
        3. Do anything with NBC Databases? (see form in attachments)
    5. Update on Generic Registration Form (see Circulation Committee under new business)
    6. System Security:
        1. Initials for Overrides.
        2. Guidelines for Information needed by MARINet when adding, deleting, or changing staff or staff duties.
        3. Winselect Site Licenses Form (see attachments)
    7. Personal Computers Update
        1. PC Shutdown Procedure (copy in attachments)
        2. Remote access software for PC maintenance.
    8. Supersearch (Previously tabled, revive?)
    9. Evaluation: does Board want to schedule agenda time to do?
    10. Other.

  5. New Business
    1. MARINet Committees Update
      1. Bib Standards (Minutes, etc. in attachments)
      2. Circulation (Update on Generic Form)

    1. Capital Outlay Policy: Set Life Expectancy
    2. Email (10 boxes) needed.
    3. Other?

  6. Info sharing


    MARINet Board Votes taken and results:





    Passed: ________________Aye___________________Nay


    Text of the Motion: