Meeting Aug. 20, 1998 at San Rafael, Civic Center, Board of Supervisors Chambers, 9:30 AM

  1. Introductions of any guests

    *Libby Flynn.

  2. Announcements, Minutes, Automation Update, Additions to agenda

  3. Old Business

    1. Tech support Agreement

    2. Budget/Bills/Audit status

      Budget status/Bills
      Bills: Semi-annual system maintenance less adjustments
      Bills: Annual Inn-View bill less adjustments
      Audit Queries
      $8000 Marin Foundation Grant: resolution memo needed
      Capitalization Policy?
      Insurance on MARINet central site liability and MARINet staff errors & omissions.
      Statement needed on who owns remote equipment: terminals/telecommunications.

    3. CPU & Indexing Update.

      New install date Sep. 22 to be confirmed Sep. 8th

      Marin County = 40 licenses ordered to be mounted on NEW machine

      SNO MARC records test corrections in process.

    4. SCAT Tables/ Inventory Module etc.

    5. Books In Print

    6. 1/8 cent sales tax revisited & Library Mailings Field

    7. Training Contract Status

    8. Labor Negotiation Status (see also Personnel: Equity Request under new business)

    9. System Security: Preliminary Work.

    10. Barcode changes: what is the latest.

      Last patron.



      Regular reporting: change of status & left our employ

    11. Other?

    IV. New Business

    1. Election of Board Officers
    2. MARINet Committees Update: Adult Services Databases Report, Bib Standards, Circulation Suprvisors, etc.

      Are Board Members receiving the Minutes????

      Val missed both the Adult Services and Circulation Meetings due to strike and vacation.

    3. Request to add serials checkin records.

    4. Personnel: Equity Request
    5. PARTNERS request: Richmond Public
    6. Order records: without update MARINet cannot purge.
    7. Scheduling of MARC uploads on staggered schedule?

    V. Info sharing

    Next meeting Sep 24, 9:30 A.M at Mill Valley

    SET October & November meeting dates!!!!!!