March 26, 1998

  1. Introductions of any guests

  2. Announcements, Minutes, Automation Update, Additions to agenda

    ---Position open County Library (Carol)

    ---New San Rafael Home Page

  3. Old Business

    A. Technology inventory and form 471 (Vaughn)

    B. Notes from the Retreat/retreat update

    C. Audit

    D. Talx no hits update

    E. Personnel (Glades reclass)

    F. Sara's visit to Larkspur Board

    G. San Anselmo resolutions progress?

  4. New Business

    A. MARINet Committees Update

    ---Systems Integration Committee (Anne)

    B. Contracting

    C. Coverage for Glade's vacation April 10-30

    D. Other

  5. Info sharing

Set April and May meeting dates!!!!!!