MARINet Governing Board Agenda

Thursday, December 19, 1996, 9:15 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Mill Valley Public Library

1. Approve minutes of meeting of December 13, 1996

2. Adoption of agenda

3. Time for public questions and comment

4. Financial report

5. INNOPAC order records: approve policy on retention of completed and canceled orders

6. Acquisitions methods and their effect on the use of the system

7. Response to letter of October 22, 1996 from Jerry Kline, President of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

8. Patron-placed holds

9. MARINet statement on confidentiality of patron information

10. Use of currently-unallocated user licenses

11. Procedures for adding, changing, and deleting staff permissions (logins and initials)

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