MARINet Board Agenda

Meeting March 22, 2001
Marin County Civic Center, Rm. 410B
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

  1. Public Comment Period
    An opportunity for any citizen to address the MARINet Board on any MARINet matter. Please limit statements to 3 minutes.

  2. Introduction of any guests.

  3. Approval of Minutes
    Approval of Minutes from February 22, 2001 Board meeting

  4. Announcements

  5. Additions to the agenda (This agenda is not final. Board members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting.)


    MARINet Staffing - Decision regarding Technical/Trainer position


  6. Old Business

    1. MARINet study -

      • Review of Consultant task assignments
      • Review Budget/Committee calendar (see attached).
      • Hand out interim consultant report for Board review
      • Schedule meeting with consultants for final report - June 21, 2001

    2. Budget -
      Review of draft FY 01/02 budget and approval if all adjustments are completed.

    3. Librarian's Index to the Internet update - (Deb)

    4. Patron time-out software and A.P.I. purchase - (Cathy)

  7. New Business

    1. IUG User's Group conference in Santa Clara

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