Meeting Feb. 29, 2000 at Marin County Civic Center, Room 414, Conference Room, 3PM. 


  1. Meeting begins 3 PM with Introduction of any guests.
  2. Minutes, Monthly Statistics Handout, Announcements.
    Meeting Dates.
    Minutes & Statistics Handout, etc.

  3. Additions to the Agenda (This agenda is not final: Board Members may add to the agenda up to the date of the meeting).

  4. New Business

    1. Personnel
      1. Project Update.
      2. Extra Hire Update.
      3. Reclassification & new hire recommendations (See under III. B-3 below).

    2. Monthly Budget Report
      1. Monthly Budget Update, Dec-Feb Transactions list.
      2. Audit Update.
        What to do about updating signature cards?
      3. Proposed Budget, Cost Formula, and Personnel discussion.
      4. Resolution to Accept Cost Formula for FY2000-2001.
      5. Resolution to Accept Proposed Budget for FY2000-2001.
      6. Resolution to Delay Acceptance of Proposed Budget until March Board meeting.
      7. Other?

    3. Policies
      1. Revisit Combining Security and Confidentiality policies?

    4. Library of California.
      1. Report on Inn-Reach Fremont meeting.
      2. Other?

    5. System Update: Old Business (See Also Statistics Handout).
      1. Release 2000 load date possibly April.
        Two Trainings on Release 2000 CDROM Help Manual scheduled for TUG and All Others in March.
      2. Sausalito Switchover update (Mary?)
      3. Pickleweed Branch Library Technology Update (Vaughn)?
      4. Revisit request to grant Marin County Employee access to Systems Administration for Passwords and Functional Authorizations Controls.
      5. Request to table: Web Access Management: how does it fit in with Millennium?
      6. Request to table: Millennium Circulation: an overview.

  5. New Business. 

    1. System Update: New.
      1. Proposed move of all telecommunications out of Rm. 104, including MARINet.
      2. Functions by Job Type.
      3. Request to table until March: Release 2000 switches decisions needed.

    2. Annual Retreat.

      1. Date=April 6th.
      2. Need to finalize the Retreat Agenda in order to allow for prep time…


Don't forget to check next meeting date….

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